Sunday, February 21, 2010

Online Classes

I'm taking all online classes this semester. I was supposed to be working full time, and that may still happen, but they were the only way to stay in school and do my job. ASU doesn't really do night classes.

There are pros and cons for doing it this way. I get very varying reactions from people when I tell them my schedule. Probably the best thing about it right now is that I have a ton of free time to hang with my friends or waste time. I don't like the time wasting so much, but it happens.

I get done with work for the week pretty quickly. Too often I am scrambling to do it at the last minute. That happens mostly for English. Math, Computers, and Religion I work ahead when I can. I really am not a fan of this English class. I wasn't a fan of it actually in class last semester either though. I don't much care for our prompts, but that's something I can deal with. For this class we had an introductory post that we were supposed to write to give a face to the name. I didn't do it because I'd rather people believe or disbelieve my words based on what I've said in the past. Not because I'm in the Army. I guess that may be a reason I listen to my classmates critiques, but I take them with a GIANT grain of salt. I do listen to 3 people's opinions greatly when I'm writing.

The tests are super easy since you've got reference material with you. I don't know that it really teaches much, but for these classes, I'm doing it for the credit. Precal, it'll be nice to be brushed up on math again. Especially with the new major I may take, I'll have to take more math. Yee haw.

I think in the future, one or maybe two online classes would be nice, but I don't really want to do full semesters full time like this in the future. If that's what it takes, I guess I'll have to, but I prefer the real school.

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